Investment properties

Invest in properties

Our experience has enabled us to develop significant expertise handling investment properties, such as apartments, offices and shops, in Milan. We will support you throughout the entire process, listening and responding to your needs.

Our professionals will accurately determine the value of the properties and suggest the best solutions, pointing out the most strategic areas in which to invest in Milan.

We anticipate the city’s real estate trends. In 2004, we were among the first to understand the future real estate value of the Quartiere Isola-Porta Nuova district where we built, sold and rented flats and offices in Via de Castillia 10, alongside Fondazione Catella and Bosco Verticale.
We have been registered in the Japanese Chamber of Commerce since 2000.

We specialise, among other things, in assisting Japanese multinationals wishing to find adequate housing solutions in Milan for their Managing Directors and Employees. For homeowners, signing a contract with a Japanese company is a guarantee of having fair tenants who comply rigorously with the contractual and financial agreements made.

We also specialise in shops and offices. The Moro Group has built and sold seven office buildings in San Donato Milanese, now occupied by major multinational corporations.
Trust us with your investment, we offer guaranteed returns.

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